Barolo GRANBUSSIA Riserva

The GRANBUSSIA derives from the best Bussia vineyards, in Monforte d'Alba, the valued heart of the Barolo area.

A fresh and solid land, both powerful and sensual made of limy marls and compact sand of which Poderi Aldo Conterno and their most noble Barolo are the most subtle, attentive and most of all calm and patient interpreters.

This is because here, in the folds of the Bussia hills, the timing of the countryside governs, slow and master, the right time for grapes as these are.

Aged for over thirty months in oak casks and refined for a further six years, the GRANBUSSIA represents the purest and most virtuous essence of three different historical Bussia cru: the Romirasco, Cicala, Colonnello vineyards and it can be flavoured only for those years that are felt as being worthwhile.

The excellence of the GRANBUSSIA is an ancient, inalienable and fouding value that Poderi Aldo Conterno have kept unchanged over the time.
The oenological and wine-growing techniques used allow to achieve a fruity Barolo, unique as far as smoothness, with the tradition of the native vine being well set in.
Therefore tradition but also evolution.

These are decisions that find a correspondence in the temperament of the grapes of the area, intransigent Nebbiolo grapes.
These represent choices of caracter, made from a company that has turned the attachment to the land into a matter of pride.