"Romirasco" vineyard

Our cru vineyards Romirasco, Cicala and Colonnello located in Bussia of Monforte d’Alba, portray the real expression of the Langa terroir.
Their fabulous South South-West location enhances the nobility of the clayey-calcareous soil, rich with calcium carbonate and iron, typical of our hills.
Our family has always had a relationship of perfect symbiosis with these cru, trying to enhance all their most peculiar characteristics through a wise and hard work in the vineyard. With the passing of the years we have been able to create a real microcosm which sinks its essence in the subtle balance offered by nature.

The wine of these cru gives itself with firm determination by playing on the most classical elements of the Nebbiolo vine and its spicy notes give a crystal idea of the uniqueness of this soil.
The interpretation of a territory goes along with the perfect knowledge of its components; that circumstance can become true only after a long and careful study of the components.
All this has always been within our intentions, enabling us to find out the fundamental connections which, thanks to the hard work in the vineyard, are the basis of the unmistakable identity of our Barolo wines.

"Cicala" vineyard

"Colonnello" vineyard