SPECIES OF VINE: Chardonnay.

VINEYARD: different vineyards in Bussia (Monforte d'Alba).

HARVEST: manual, with grapes selection in the vineyard.

TIME OF HARVEST: first ten days of September.

VINIFICATION: white, with fermentation in wood.

VINIFICATION TIME: the wine remains for three or four days inside stainless steel vats and, once the alcoholic fermentation has started, is put in wood where the fermentation is completed.

VINIFICATION TEMPERATURES: from 20 to 24 degrees centigrades.

CELLAR REFINING: the wine fermented inside the barrels is decanted and then returns into the barrels again and remains there for a few months.

NOTES: The “Bussiador” is a wine with a good structure and good body, and so it can stand a long ageing.