SPECIES OF VINENebbiolo, Michet and Lampia varieties.

VINEYARD: different vineyards in Bussia (Monforte d'Alba).

HARVEST: manual, with grapes selection in the vineyard.

TIME OF HARVEST: mid-October.

VINIFICATION: red, with skin contact inside stainless steel vats.

VINIFICATION TIME: the must stays on contact with the skins for 6 to 8 days.

VINIFICATION TEMPERATURES: from 24 to 26 degrees centigrades.

CELLAR REFINING: the new wine , after spending a few months in stainless steel vats and being transferred several times, is put in oak casks, where it remains a few months and, finally, it will be bottled.

NOTES: the grapes used to make “ Il Favot” come from vineyards which have undergone periodical implantations, and so have a maximum age of 15 years. The skin contact is limited to 6-8 days so to extract few tannins and more colour from the skins themselves, with the result of getting a well-coloured wine with a remarkable softness.